Camp Staff Training 


CANVAS’ Camp Leadership Training Workshops provides staff and leaders-in-training with concrete tools to promote an inclusive and safe camp culture. Workshops use interactive arts-based techniques to prepare participants for real-life situations, translating their new knowledge into effective social action.



Consent Training

Participants consider sexual pressures faced by campers and staff members, and learn effective communication skills to develop healthy and safe relationships. Participants also develop strategies for supporting campers and staff members who have experienced sexual pressures, inappropriate sexual comments and/or sexual assault.



lGBTQ2S+ Inclusion Training

Participants examine harmful gender norms among campers, learn terminology for LGBTQ2S+ identities, and develop strategies for supporting queer and questioning campers and challenging homophobic/transphobic bullying at camp.


Body Positivity Training

Participants explore body pressures at camp, and learn a nuanced understanding of factors impacting body image, including disability, size, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Participants also develop strategies for positive role-modeling and supporting campers with low self-esteem, challenging bullying, and celebrating all bodies.