“Outing” by Celine Galluzzo, age 20

Three panel comic. Panel 1: Tam and Claire approach Lacie. Tam says “Hi Lacie!”. Lacie says “Hi Tam, who’s this?”. Panel 2: Tam says “this is my friend Claire”. Claire says “hi” sheepishly. Lacie says “Nice to meet you! Gonna scope for guys with us at the bar tonight?”. Panel 3: Tam says “Actually, Claire isn’t into guys!” Claire looks embarassed and is sweating. Lacie looks surprised.

A note from the author, Celine Galluzo:

“Following the theme of LGBTQ consent I wanted to base a short comic on ‘outing’. This is something that can happen whether intentional or accidental and is not always clear to some people. Just because your friend has informed you about their sexuality does not mean if they are open about it or have told anyone else. You should never ‘out’ someone and always have their consent before talking about their sexuality as it can make them uncomfortable especially in places they may feel unsafe. Consent is not only limited to sexual situations.”