A young adult stands at the front of a room. At a large table in front of them, several other adults listen intently.
Over 650 workshops run. Over 13,000 participants trained. Partnerships with 80 organizations.

Camp Staff Member, Camp George

“One of the very best experiences of my life and very educational. Facilitators act like real people and are very professional. They make you feel very safe and you can share anything with them.”


Middle School Student, Voice Integrative School

“I now know that we are the solution and the change”


Jamie Milroy, Teacher/Guidance Counsellor, Voice Integrative School

“This type of education is vital and will only become more important in the future as we try to keep up with changes in technology and social media. Young students are faced with enormous pressure to live up to certain often impossible standards portrayed by certain media. CANVAS creates a counter balance to that potentially damaging reality by offering a supportive, caring, informative and creative approach to exploring identity and self-acceptance.

The impact of having CANVAS in our school is ongoing. Students are regularly identifying stereotypes in their daily lives and actively looking for ways to communicate that are ultimately inclusive. As an educator, this is a profound accomplishment and sets students up for a future that is not only equitable but offers them personal freedom to be in charge of their bodies and selves.”


Ms. Haines, Teacher, Homelands Senior Public School

“They did a fantastic job of introducing LGBTQ issues to a grade 8 audience. They were warm and approachable and delivered a program that was accessible and meaningful to the students. I appreciate how they explained the meaning of different terms so that students have the language to talk about gender and sexual orientation. The activities were not only fun and engaging, but also designed so that shy and quieter students were able to participate safely. We need this kind of education in schools, it is critical in supporting our students and truly honouring diversity.”


Camp Staff Member, Camp Ramah

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The debates were intelligent and interesting. I think this program is much needed in society to further acceptance. The leaders of the session were engaging and extremely friendly. Well done and keep up this work!”