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CANVAS Arts Action Programs is an amazing place to work (if we do say so ourselves). Everyday we commit to creating an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, and collaboration. Our team consists of artists, social entrepreneurs, social workers, teachers, youth workers, and those just generally invested in seeing a world free of homophobia and sexual violence.

If this sounds like a team that you would be excited to join, please connect with us. We are always looking to collaborate with those as passionate and driven as we are. Learn more about what we’re looking for in an employee and volunteer.

Job Opportunities

There are no job openings currently available.


Want to join our team but don’t see an opportunity that fits your expertise? Send us your application and let’s connect! We will contact you if a relevant position opens up.


 Why join us?

CANVAS is a non-profit that offers interactive training programs on gender equity, consent, and LGBTQ2S+ inclusion in schools, summer camps, community spaces and workplaces.

We are a talented team with the strength to dive into difficult conversations with empathy and resilience. Many of us are personally affected by the oppression we are working to challenge. We put our people first, because we know that our people are our strength. We’re accountable and transparent, and invest in our team’s growth.

We believe that harmful, discriminatory attitudes are learned, and every person has the potential to critically examine their learned behaviours and beliefs to work towards a more empathetic, equitable and kinder world-view. It is our role to develop a space where that education and personal reflection can take place.

What makes us – and you – different?

Our methods and products are innovative. We introduce new ideas and engage in original and creative thinking.

Our reach and adaptability are accessible. We’re easy to approach, speak with, and understand.

Our attitudes and approach are empathetic. We identify with the feelings and thoughts of others.

Our goals and passions are visionary. We have unique ideas about what the future could be like, with a motivation to achieve it. 

Who should apply.

Workshop Facilitators that can connect with youth or adult audiences on the topics of LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, gender equity, and consent.

Arts Educators that put equity and inclusion at the forefront of their practice.

Social Innovators that seek complex solutions to drive societal change.

Volunteers that want to support evaluation, administration, or artistic programming.

Sound like you?

Apply by sending a cover letter and resume to

We encourage applications from Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour; 2SLGBTQ+ people; disabled people; and those with lived experience in the issues our programs discuss.

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