“Two Sides of the Same Coin” by Michelle, age 17 


today you think about fear

& fear it

but you do not die

today your bisexual self has a boyfriend and no one says its just a phase

or has a girlfriend and no one says you’re a closeted lesbian

& where are the bells?

where is the city on fire for you?

where is the chorus of “not really gay”,


your bisexual self is not a unicorn

& you pour one out with each step

& your streets becomes ancestor too

drunk on the living, which is you


you inspire


your bisexual self conjures spirit

like rumblings in concrete

& yes

you did that

for to love is love

is to feed

& you have been over/flowing

of course you have

you care & you love

& you love & you love

so much your identity be water & bridge

so much your labels be cargo

let it be known

the first brick thrown at the bath-house raids

was meant to strike

let it be known you are your own quiet revolution

you can love her

when you they aren’t watching


your bisexual ache swelled

but today

           you are here

& what is resilience if not vengeance

a heavy stream of salt

poured down the throat

of all that should oppose your daily bloom

those who deserve it

who never deserved you

for this you feel


& for this,

endless vibrations

for this,

gardens wherever you roam

& this block be yours

& this world, now


& this,


is a form of resurrection


      you are you first, bisexual second

& you are not afraid

& what mistake

what divine miracle