Interview with Nad, age 27


“Gender dysphoria for me is a pain of an uncomfortable feeling of the gender of my body. My whole being suffers because of the look my body has, the feelings my body is getting and the things that are happening to my body. It all goes against the truth that is planted in my brain. It's been uncomfortable and torturing for around 15 years. So just like in a story, being left alone in my pain I discovered me as a helper for myself and in that way I was able to save myself.”


“I use different pronouns than those assigned at birth. I use they/he pronouns.  People misgender me all the time. I rarely correct them.

I so far have a big trust issue with people. By this age there have been too many times with huge pain so I avoid socializing with people as much as possible. However I'm still trying to reach my goals, so I make myself go out there and try out things that would lead me to working with arts and helping others. I did in the past correct them but then it turned out to be too much of mental work so I try not to pay attention to something minor, where that is a part of it. I'm trying to concentrate on my road to getting to my goals only. “

How can school staff support non-binary, transgender, and questioning students?

“I see people have their own meaning of non-binary. I chose an identity of that type for myself because I so far discovered about everything being an energy, that's why nothing has a name, age or gender. As a body that I've got it's trans masculine.

For both of those identities teachers can include lessons about them and give children a bigger freedom to decide to be what and who they feel that like will bring them more freedom. Gender neutral washrooms are important as well. No gender based clothing.

As a country, people in power are trying to tell us too many rules, which leaves us too few options. If people had more opportunities, the condition of life would be better. We've got to start using more budget on the right education and freedom of expression, so people don't have to search for so many answers later in life. We've got too little time, but we've got too many gifts to share with others and too many responsibilities.”