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Speak OUT LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion

The Speak OUT program uses interactive activities to educate students on LGBTQ2S+ inclusion and challenge homophobia and transphobia in schools. Participants creatively explore gender expectations, trans identities, sexual orientation, and societal pressures. The program is made up of three separate workshops: LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion 101, Allies in Action, and Race, Culture & Queerness. Each workshop builds on the previous workshop in the series.

LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion 101

LGBTQ2S+ 101 is an introductory, interactive workshop that provides a baseline education on the topics of LGBTQ2S+ identities, terminology and empathy-building.

Allies In Action

Allies in Action is an in-depth workshop focusing on actionable ways to promote allyship in participants’ communities through skill building and art creation.

Race Culture and Queerness

The Race, Culture & Queerness workshop uses an intersectional lens to empathize with racialized communities and broaden conceptions of queerness.

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The C- Word Consent Education
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The C-Word workshop series focuses on consent and healthy relationships through the exploration of social expectations, barriers to communication, sexual pressures and power dynamics. The program is made up of three stand-alone workshops: Interpersonal Consent, Consent Culture, and #MeToo #NowWhat?. All three workshops provide tools for young people to create and promote a consent culture in their school.

Interpersonal Consent

Interpersonal Consent is an introductory, interactive and skill building workshop built around consent and communication. Students examine gender norms, sexual pressures and complications related to consent

Consent Culture

The Consent Culture workshop centres on discussing the impacts of rape culture, defining important terms and concepts, and sparking desire for positive change in students’ communities.

#Metoo #NowWhat?

The goal of the #MeToo #NowWhat? workshops is to highlight stories of survivors and perpetrators of sexual violence. Participants learn tools to support peers impacted by sexual violence and discuss what accountability can look like.

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Teacher trainings provide teaching staff with the necessary tools to engage with and answer questions from students on consent or LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, while gaining strategies to infuse these topics into their own curriculum. Participants will gain more confidence discussing these topics with students. Teacher trainings pair well CANVAS student workshops by supporting teachers to keep the conversation going.

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specialty programs
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CANVAS offers two additional specialty programs that combine arts-based engagement with LGBTQ2S+ inclusion and consent education. These programs are perfect for celebrating special days like Pride and Day of Pink, or adding equity and inclusion education to arts curricula.

Spoken Word Inclusion Assemblies

The Spoken Word Inclusion Assemblies bring 1-3 acclaimed spoken word artists to speak directly to students about their experiences coming out as queer. The assembly starts with a spoken word poetry performance and ends with a facilitated question and answer period

Art Workshops

Art Workshops use a variety of art forms, including visual arts and spoken word poetry, to explore equity and inclusion. Professional artists lead youth in immersive activities to engage with topics that can be difficult to approach, including consent culture, gendered media representations, and LGBTQ2S+ allyship.

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