Support for Male Survivors of Sexual Violence

Trans inclusive, trauma informed, men’s

Family Services of Toronto, Service Access Unit

Counselling for male survivors 16+, 8 free sessions, sliding scale fees for additional sessions.

Address: Main office: 202-128A Sterling Rd, Toronto
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible
Language: English, French, Spanish, Farsi, additional languages may be available.
Health Card not required.

Trans inclusive

Support Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse program

24/7 support line for male survivors, both recent and historical, to find services according location and needs.

Language: English and multilingual

Trans inclusive, men’s, youth


1-866-393-5933 or chat support.
24/7 confidential and anonymous counselling service for male-identified youth 14-18. Chat support available via website, times vary according to province.

Language: English, French