Children aged 9 and under

  • “Consent for Kids” video (link)

  • Girl explains her use of gender-neutral language in Spanish (link)

Preteens (aged 10-12)

  • (link)

  • “Send The Right Message”, a Toronto-based anti-homophobia / transphobia / biphobia campaign (link)

  • “Respect Your Elders”, a series on LGBTQ support for seniors (link)

  • Vogue’s “Gender Variance Around the World Over Time” (link)

    • ?? ((is there a better example of this?)) Thailand (link)

    • Mexico (link)

    • Italy (link)

    • India (link)

    • Indonesia (link)

  • History of the trans flag (created in 1999), and it’s creator’s journey (link)

  • Celebrating the life of non-binary American activist Holly Boswell, who may have coined the term “transgender” (1970s-2017) (link)

  • “A Place in the Middle”, short film from Hawai’i about gender non-conformity (link)

  • What Does Two-Spirit Mean?”, a brief video on the history and usage among Indigenous people in North America (link)

Early teens (13-16)

  • (link)

    • “Navigating Consent”, a guide to starting conversations about sex (link)

  • MyGSA, a guide for students and school staff on how to create and maintain a GSA (link)

  • Anti-black racism and biphobia at Pride events (link)

  • “It’s Not a Race”; transitioning and expectations about femininity [note: contains swearing] (link)

  • “Growing up, coming out, and falling in love in eastern Canada”; silent comic series about being queer and trans (link)

  • When visibility is dangerous for queer folks (link)

Late teens (17-19)