“What Being Non-Binary Means” by Jeffery Kingsley, age 22 

Several panelled comic. Panel 1: Speech bubble asks “What does it mean to be non-binary?” Cartoon person with curly hair and shirt that says “they” answers “Well by definition, it means I am neither a man nor a woman. I am neutral. Another word I use is agender.” Panel 2: “But it means so much more too.” Panel 3: Curly haired person speaks with one finger up “It’s knowing there is a word - a term - to validate my identity”. Panel 4: Person stands shirtless with hands in shorts pockets, tattoos visible on arms and legs. “I can express myself in a way that makes me feel comfortable and happy”. Panel 5: “Nonbinary means being me. I can be myself. I can be happy”. @jefferydraws

A note from the illustrator, Jeffery Kingsley:

“I am a nonbinary illustrator. I use they/xe pronouns. I drew this comic is talk about the term non-binary and what it means to me. There isn’t much in the media when it comes to being non-binary, as well as being asexual and aromantic. Being non-binary is so different from person to person, and I would love to share what it means to me personally. I hope it can help others feel less alone, as well as proud.”