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Our Programs

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Certificates & Training

→ Certificate Programs and Trainings cover the topics: Gender Equity, LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion, and Consent.
→ Training Programs bring our expert facilitators to provide organizations with the skills and knowledge to manage and support diverse working environments.   
→ Certificate Programs, run 4 times a year, provide organizational leadership with tools and resources to lead workshops and become the experts in their companies.

Two elementary school students at a desk, colouring a yellow paper with markers.

Student & Teacher Training

→ Programs are interactive and activity-based, covering two topics: LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion and consent.
→ Student programs are tailored to grades 6 to 12
→ Teacher training programs provide teachers with tools and resources to manage issues among students and integrate gender identity, sexuality and healthy relationships into lessons.

Smiling camp staff seated on benches and on the floor around a chart paper.

Staff & Camper Training

→ Training programs are tailored to individual camps and cover three topics: Consent, LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion, and Body Positivity.
→ Staff Training programs provide concrete tools to promote an inclusive and safe camp culture.
→ Camper programs are arts-based, and provide skills in critical thinking and empathy building.

A poet stands at a microphone, reading from a paper.

Arts Programming

→ CANVAS runs three arts programs across the GTA. 
→ Back Talk is a spoken word poetry program run at Eva's Satellite for women and femme folks ages 16-29.
→ YAAS is an arts and social activism program for queer and trans youth ages 10-15 run at The 519.
→ The Divas is an arts program for girls ages 9-14 run at Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre


"One of the very best experiences of my life" 
- Camp Staff Member



It's Never Okay: Ontario's Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment

It's Never Okay: Ontario's Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment

On the Shared Platform of Sketch

On the Shared Platform of Sketch

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