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At CANVAS, we believe that an empathetic workplace is an engaged workplace.


We provide organizations strategic support to meaningfully foster a culture of equity. Specializing in interactive trainings, we build diverse, affirming, and inclusive environments. Our program begins with a survey to determine your baseline, coupled with a solutions-focused training to accelerate your D&I impact. With our tailored approach, we then customize our services to meet the unique needs of your workplace. Through our social enterprise model, we re-invest our time, passion, and profits back into the community.

Gender Equity Training

Gender Equity explores gender dynamics in the workplace, engaging tangible strategies to improve policies, cultural norms and infrastructure to create a more equitable work environment for all genders.

LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion Training

LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion Training equips participants with foundational terminology, gender-affirming practices, and concrete strategies to support queer, trans, and questioning staff and clients.

#MeToo #NowWhat? Training

#MeToo #NowWhat enables participants to critically examine workplace culture in a post #MeToo world, devising plans to prevent harmful interactions, improve workplace safety, and promote consent culture at work.

Our Expertise
Training; Evaluation; Recruitment & Retention
Corporate Values; Leadership Coaching: Policy Development & Review